Maryland Wire EDM

Wire EDM machining services are a specialty at Plouse Precision Manufacturing. We are the go-to Wire EDM experts for companies in Maryland. Choose our experienced team of manufacturing engineers and specialists when quality, precision and on-time delivery are your priority.

We are America's Wire EDM specialist, delivering a wide range of manufacturing services to customers in Maryland

  • High-precision Wire EDM for Maryland
  • CNC manufacturing services for Maryland
  • Horizontal Milling for Maryland
  • Rapid Prototyping in Maryland
  • Complex parts and assemblies delivered to Maryland

Top Service Areas for Wire EDM in Maryland

Supporting Services for Wire EDM Projects Delivered to Maryland

OEM Parts Manufacturer

OEM Parts Manufacturer:
Plouse Precision Manufacturing provides unique value to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) by providing a wide variety of OEM manufacturing services.
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Defense Manufacturing

Defense Manufacturing:
Plouse Precision Manufacturing's quality control and inspection department makes us unparalleled in the defense manufacturing industry. Every project, part and process is managed through our end-to-end quality assurance process.
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Firearm Component Manufacturing

Firearm Component Manufacturing:
At our precision manufacturing center in Harrisburg, PA, your firearm component manufacturing project is set for success. We have a 50-year track record of dependability, affordability and on-time delivery.
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