Wire EDM

Plouse Precision Manufacturing uses wire electrical discharge machining (Wire EDM) to produce precision parts for any application. Wire EDM involves utilizing an electrically-energized thin brass wire to slice through metal – including difficult-to-machine metals. The machines create intricate profiles and use rapid, controlled, repetitive spark discharges. Wire EDM edges are smooth, but matte and the typical surface finish is between 16 and 64 micro inches. The edges of the finished workpiece will have virtually no burrs.

Plouse serves a variety of markets such as aerospace, medical, defense, automotive and electric and semiconductor manufacturing, which require wire EDM to achieve high accuracy and tighter tolerances. With wire EDM we can produce and repeat the required specifications with ease. View our full equipment list.
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Wire EDM Applications and Benefits:

  • Exotic Metals Capabilities
  • Complex Geometry
  • Stacking Plates
  • Racking of Parts
  • Raw Materials
  • Hardened or Unhardened Material
  • Burr Free
  • Flexibility

Our Facilities Include:

  • Fanuc Robocut α-1iE
    23.6" x 15.7" x 12.2", 31i-WA Fanuc touchscreen controller, wire size .004" to 0.12", work pc capability 41.3" x 30.3" x 11.8" (1 ea.)
  • Fanuc Robocut α-0iE 14.5" x 10.5" x 10.25", 3i-WA Fanuc touchscreen controller, wire size .004" to 0.12", work pc capability 41.3" x 31.3" x 11.8" (1 ea.)
  • Fanuc Robocut α-1iA 20.5" x 14.6" x 12" (2 ea.)
  • Fanuc Robocut α-0iA 12.6" x 8.6" x 6.7" (2 ea.)
  • Perseo-Erie D-50 EDM Drillmate (EDM hole popper) dia. capabilities .010" min to .12" max (1 ea.)
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