Reverse Engineering

In today's manufacturing and engineering industry, specifications or blueprints for parts may not be readily available. Plouse Precision Manufacturing overcomes this problem by offering reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering is the process used to ascertain the technological principles of a device, object, or system by analyzing its structure, function and/or operation. This involves deconstruction of a part, component or program to create a replacement that mimics all the attributes of the original.

Applications for Reverse Engineering

  • Engineer products from incomplete specifications
  • Manufacture parts needed for an older or outdated machine
  • Replicate complex objects
  • Engineering of a particular device where documentation has been lost (or was never written) and the designer or producer is no longer available
  • Product analysis: operation and component analysis and replication cost estimate
  • Field analysis testing services available (material testing, failure analysis, etc.)
The expert team at Plouse can produce a blueprint for and replicate a part, component or program as a result of their expertise in reverse engineering.