Precision Inspection

Our precision inspections confirm that dimensional specifications and tolerances are met during the parts manufacturing and assembly processes. These inspections include verifying the measurements, tests and gauges applied to certain characteristics regarding an item. The results are then compared to specified requirements and standards to determine whether the item meets these specifications. These inspections are usually non-destructive and confirm the quality and integrity of the final product.
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In-house Precision Inspection Equipment

  • Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine 19.98" x 27.76" x 15.94" fully programmable, scale resolution 0.00004" (1 ea.)
  • Helmel Microstar 320-162 Coordinate Measuring Machine 20" x 30" x 16" (1 ea.)
  • Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine 14” x 16” x 12” (1 ea.)
  • Sprint 200 Opt Measure System 8” x 6” x 5”, encoder resolution 0.00004” (1 ea.)
  • Deltronic DVC-115 Video Comparator (1 ea.)
  • Mitutoyo 14" Optical Comparator w/microprocessor (1 ea.)
  • Gagemaster 14" Optical Comparator w/digital read out(1 ea.)
  • Unitro ZST Microscope w/ fiber optic light, 1.3 mega pixel camera (2 ea.)
  • Rockwell hardness tester, B&S Hite-Icator, Granite surface plates, bore gages, height gages, gage blocks, pin gages, inside & outside micrometers, thread gages, ring gages bore gages, digital and dial indicators, etc.