Dallas Metal Stamping

Dallas Metal Stamping

We provide Dallas metal spamping services to meet both high and low volume production requirements using a variety of materials that range from .005" to .250" thick. Hard tool configurations can take the form of inexpensive punching or forming dies to large, complex fully progressive tools. Such configurations are often necessary to drive down piece part costs and meet tight tolerance requirements. All dies are designed, built and maintained in house by our master toolmakers.

Our metal stamping center includes:
  • Benchmaster 5 ton 8" x 8" bed, 16" shut, 20 spm
  • Verson 100 ton 26" x 32" bed, 12" shut, 40 spm
  • Perkins 60 ton 20.5" x 31" bed, 13.75" shut, 145 spm
  • Perkins 28 ton 12" x 22" bed, 8.5" shut, 190 spm
  • V&O 25 ton 22" x 13" bed, 7.5" shut, 240 spm

Serving the Dallas Region

Our manufacturing and distribution center is located near Harrisburg, one of busiest freight transportation hubs in the U.S. (Also home to the Defense Logistics Agency because of the wide range of transportation options.) We have almost daily shipments to the Dallas region via a wide range of carriers, including air freight for next day delivery.