District of Columbia Contract Manufacturer

Plouse Precision Manufacturing has a long tradition of contract manufacturing leadership and technical innovation for organizations located in District of Columbia. Choose our experienced team of manufacturing engineers and specialists when you want quality and precision.

We are America's Contract Manufacturer, delivering a wide range of service to clients in District of Columbia

  • CNC manufacturing services for District of Columbia
  • Horizontal Milling for District of Columbia
  • Precision Grinding in District of Columbia
  • Rapid Prototyping in District of Columbia
  • Complex parts and assemblies delivered to District of Columbia

Top Service Areas for Contract Manufacturer in District of Columbia

Sample of Contract Manufacturer Services Available for District of Columbia

Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing

Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing:
Plouse serves the electronics and semiconductor industry by manufacturing equipment including specialized or proprietary products and accessories.
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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing:
Plouse Precision Manufacturing is a leading medical device contract manufacturer, an area where precision cannot be compromised. We provide a broad array of capabilities to medical device OEMs for materials.
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OEM Parts Manufacturer

OEM Parts Manufacturer:
Plouse Precision Manufacturing provides unique value to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) by providing a wide variety of OEM manufacturing services.
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