Surface Grinding

Surface grinding creates an accurate flat surface. The precision of our surface grinding equipment typically ranges from .001 to .0001 inch. The process of surface grinding removes material by moving a a workpiece back and forth under a powered abrasive wheel, stone, belt, paste, sheet, compound, slurry or other agent. Surface grinding also prepares the part for polishing. This common form of grinding produces flat and/or squared surfaces.

Our manufaturing center includes the following surface grinding equipment:
  • Okamoto ACC16-32ST 16" x 32" x 21.5", 3 hp (1 ea.)
  • Okamoto OMA 305 6” x 14” w/ sine chuck (1 ea.)
  • Blanchard #11 20” dia. table (1 ea.)
  • Okamoto 12" x 24" Hydraulic (2 ea.)
  • Okamoto 8” x 20" Hydraulic (1 ea.)
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