Why Plouse?

We are contract manufacturing at its best. Plouse Precision Manufacturing has a relentless commitment to success for every client. We stand behind every product 100% with more than 50 years of quality, innovation, and problem-solving experience.

Single-Source Supplier

Save time, money and resources. Plouse Precision Manufacturing is a single-source manufacturer delivering a wide range of turnkey solutions to meet nearly any manufacturing need for components and assemblies.


We believe innovation is more than just a trendy word. It means constantly striving to create innovative processes, products and solutions for our clients. For more than 50 years, innovation has made a difference at Plouse and helped our clients distinguish themselves from the competition.


Plouse Precision Manufacturing is known as the industry’s problem-solver. Using state-of-the-art equipment, years of combined experience and a relentless commitment to each client, we specialize in finding economical solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.


Every project, part and process is managed through our end-to-end quality assurance process. Our proven quality system improves reliability and increases production output with fewer defects and consistently high levels of client satisfaction.

Plouse delivers contract manufacturer services to organizations throughout the U.S.