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US Manufacturing in the Current Global Economy - Employing New Technologies to Better the Bottom Line


A few decades ago, an economic down-turn was more than likely to be confined to a certain country or region. Now, in part due to technological advances in the transportation industry, the world has shrunk, and we find ourselves linked more rigidly to the economies of many other countries. Surviving in this environment (we can do little to change) is a challenge with which many small business owners are struggling. Certainly, hourly rates in other countries are often only a fraction of what they are in the United States.

Two of our Mori Seiki machining centers are linked to a 14-position pallet pool, which helps minimize costs and set-ups on high volume production jobs.

So, how do we compete?

At Plouse Precision Manufacturing, we believe employing the newest technologies is a step in the right direction. "Re-investment of company profit in first-rate equipment helps keep us competitive," Dale Seitz, President of Plouse Precision Manufacturing remarks. "We need to be able to produce our parts faster and more efficiently than the next manufacturing facility to give the best prices to our customers".

This philosophy allows us to deliver to our customers the quality service they have come to expect when placing an order with Plouse. We believe the following policies, along with others, have been the cornerstones of our success during the current recession:
  • We have installed only Mori Seiki CNC Milling and Turning centers in our machining departments.
  • Our CAD/CAM software is current with the latest releases.
  • The Tooling Sales Representatives at Plouse take initiative in recommending the newest advanced cutting tools available on the market directly to our operators.
Our contract manufacturing center in Harrisburg, PA combines 50+ years of trusted experience, state-of-the-art precision manufacturing equipment and the relentless dedication to our clients' success that is synonymous with the Plouse name.

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