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Single-Source Manufacturer Assures Quality, Compliance of Sub-Contractors


As a contract manufacturing company and single-source manufacturer, Plouse Precision Manufacturing delivers turnkey solutions for components and assemblies to meet clients' specific needs. To produce the on-time, on-budget results for our customers, Plouse has assembled a small but highly qualified team of sub-contractors that complements our in-house capabilities.

Plouse considers sub-contractors to be an integral part of the services we offer. We only contract work out to sub-contractors that are leaders in their particular specialty and also committed to following our clients' guidelines.

The communication of clients' needs and requirements is essential in making the flow of work efficient and cost effective. Plouse uses a combination of techniques to ensure the success of the project and ultimately our clients:
  • The processes and quality of all sub-contractors are continuously monitored.
  • Our staff regularly visits all sub-contractors.
  • Shipments are tracked to ensure on-time delivery to customers.
In addition, Plouse employsSupply Chain Management (SCM). This cross-functional and cost-effective approach ensures that production will not be delayed and the transition from raw material to finished part is a smooth process.

SCM has several components:

1. Managing Resources -- Plouse has a strategy for managing all the resources needed to meet customers demands. This applies to resources inside both the Plouse facility and those of its sub-contractors.

2. Integrating Sub-contractors -- Plouse has assembled a stable group of sub-contractors who are seamlessly integrated into our internal logistics from pricing to delivery.

3. Production to Delivery -- Plouse oversees every aspect of a project, no matter if it is completed in-house or at one of our sub-contractors. This supervision includes production, testing, and preparing the finished parts for delivery.

Plouse Precision Manufacturing is a successful single-source manufacturer, in part because we have pulled together an outstanding team of sub-contractors. By coordinating their specialties with our own in-house abilities, Plouse has again and again met and exceeded customers’ needs and timelines.

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