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Reverse Engineering - An Important Capability in State-of-the-Art Manufacturing


The dictionary defines reverse engineering as "the process of studying or analyzing the principles of a device, object or system to further document its structure, function and operation."

In state-of-the-art manufacturing, the process of reverse engineering involves analyzing a part down to the smallest detail, in order to make a solid model and/or 2-D drawing to aid in re-manufacturing. We establish the parameters and features of a part through the use of a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and wide array of manual inspection equipment. Once this is complete, the information is transferred to a CAD engineer who recreates the recorded geometry into an electronic file format via SolidWorks 2009. The measurements take form as an electronic solid model mimicking all aspects of the original part. This model can be easily converted to a 2-D drawing, then fully dimensioned and toleranced for use on the manufacturing floor.

Plouse offers reverse engineering for these common situations:
  • A particular part is needed by our customer; however documentation has been lost or was never written.
  • An old or obsolete machine can be re-engineered in an electronic format prior to a re-build, upgrade or repair.
Reverse engineering is not only about bringing an old part back to life, but about using this technology as a launch pad for the future. At Plouse, not only are we able to document an existing part for manufacture, but with planning and forethought, we can evaluate and re-design complex machines and assemblies for fit, functionality, proposed improvements and cost reduction.

Our Capabilities and Services

Plouse Precision Manufacturing is more than just manufacturing. During our 50+ years, we have perfected a comprehensive set of end-to-end services, ensuring our customers high quality and low cost manufacturing. Whether your needs are for a quick turn-around on a small parts run or a more complex multi-process component or assembly, Plouse is able to handle the job. Listed below are highlights of services we offer:

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