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Metal Stamping - Original Service Still Offered After 50+ Years


Stamping is a metal fabrication process that uses a mechanical or hydraulic press and hardened tool steels to adapt the configuration of a piece of material to a customer's requirements. The hardened tool steels are mounted in a die set, typically as an upper and lower die, which in turn is mounted in the press. The material can then be guided into the die set in an automated fashion via a de-coiler and straightener, or manually, one blank at a time. As the press closes the tool steels engage the material, changing its shape to produce the part. The dies themselves can range from a simple "one-hit die" performing a single operation, to a "compound die" performing multiple operations with one press stroke, to a complex progressive die indexing the part from station to station, changing the configuration of the part with each stroke of the press. 

Plouse specializes in both high and low volume metal stamping production using a variety of materials that range from .005" to .250" thick. Metals that we typically stamp include: aluminum, brass, copper, steel (galvanized, hot rolled or cold rolled), stainless steel and titanium. The Metal Stamping Department here at Plouse, houses a variety of presses with tonnages ranging from a 5 ton table top press to a 120 ton floor standing model. All dies are designed, built and maintained in-house by our master toolmakers.

The benefits of the metal stamping operations at Plouse include:
  • Our Verson model 5B27 press was recently rebuilt to ensure repeated accuracy for the most demanding jobs.
  • Many of our presses are fitted with a dedicated coil feed and straightener to minimize set-up costs.
  • We offer a full range of secondary operations that tie in with metal stamping, including CNC machining, painting, welding and assembly.
Capabilities and Services 
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with numerous metal stamping machines. We are capable of fabricating virtually anything our customers require. 

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