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Horizontal CNC Milling


Plouse Precision Manufacturing is a leading single source manufacturer utilizing innovative solutions for manufacturing components and assemblies. Our Harrisburg facility contains a variety of CNC milling machines, including the latest Horizontal CNC Milling machine, the Mori-Seiki NH4000. CNC Milling is a cutting process in which material is removed from a block by a rotating tool. Plouse uses Horizontal CNC Milling for customers in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical and defense. For these industries and others, we create engine components, custom and mold tooling, complex mechanisms and enclosures, as well as customized parts.

Horizontal CNC Milling at our Harrisburg Location

We recently integrated our two Mori-Seiki NH4000 horizontal machining centers (HMC's) with a 14 station carrier pallet pool system (CPP) into one entity known as a cell. The cell allows Plouse to provide its customers a better value by reducing the different types of "idle" time. This type of machining efficiently produces parts of different sizes, complexities and quantities. The average parts produced in a given project, run from a few hundred pieces to over 10,000 pieces. The cell is designed for small to medium sized parts, although larger parts can be accommodated. The cell controller is the "brain" of the cell., storing all the programs and necessary information required for the HMC's to make the parts. The controller creates a graphical display of the cell layout that shows in real time what is happening in the cell and if there are any problems. The benefits of Horizontal CNC Milling include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Downtime is minimized in the cell, as the operator is able to change parts, as well as change and create set-ups of other projects, while the machines are working on other pallets.
  • Reduced cost for Plouse's clients by having the ability to leave a job set-up and "ready to run" for future jobs. This saves on unnecessary downtime and helps reduce costly inventory for our company, as well as our clients.
  • Lead times are shorten, as the cell is able to group some parts together as a "family."
  • Longer tool life and higher machining speeds are possible, as gravity allows the machine chip to fall away from the cutting area.
Manufacturing News

With the nation's manufacturing activity at a 26-year low, manufacturing companies are realizing that in order to survive they must introduce innovative products and services. Plouse Precision Manufacturing has done just that, with one of the newest, highly innovative machines, the RoboCrib1000.This high security machine, helps with inventory control, quality and efficiency of tools and supplies.

Plouse puts themselves ahead of competitors with our state-of-the-art equipment, years of combined experience and a relentless commitment to each client.  Our focus is on precision, innovation, quality and a quick turnaround.
Learn why our clients say, "Once Plouse has the job, there’s no need to worry."

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