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CNC Milling - Did You Know?


Did You Know?

CNC milling allows for precision cuts, with accuracy as close as .0001 of an inch.

CNC milling machines are precise and efficient in cutting materials into the most basic or complex shapes. CNC mills manufacture a diverse range of components, including parts for engines, dies, mold tooling, and other complex mechanisms. In fact, almost anything can be made on a CNC mill.

Benefits of CNC milling include:
  • Reliability - Automated machines perform repetitive operations faster than "manual" machines.
  • Precision - Machines cut with accuracy as close as .0001 of an inch.
  • Chip Conveyors - Assist in quick and easy scrap removal.
  • Coolant Systems - Allow for aggressive material cutting while keeping heat under control.
CNC milling is the most common form of CNC (computer numerical control) machining. Depending on the orientation of the main spindle, CNC milling machines are classified as horizontal or vertical. One of the main performance factors of a CNC milling machine is its number of axes. CNC mills generally have three axes. Additional axes allow mills to produce work with increased flexibility.

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CNC Specialists
At Plouse Precision Manufacturing, your CNC Specialists for any manufacturing need, CNC machining is the focus of our everyday operations. From small-to-high volume production runs, we provide high-precision parts with quick turnarounds, customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our quality inspection process ensures every piece meets your stringent requirements.