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CNC Lathe with Live Tooling - Manufacturing without Set-up Change


To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, Plouse Precision Manufacturing offers a range of capabilities, including live tooling with our computer numerical control (CNC) lathes. This machinery provides a high-level of functionality and flexibility that allows us to create economical solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are designed to fully utilize modern manufacturing processes. It starts with the customer's part being designed and the tool paths programmed by our experienced operators. Once set and trialed, our machines will fabricate parts and products to exacting standards.

Not only do these lathes provide superior products, they also provide efficiencies because of their multiple spindles and ability to mill the work piece. This combination doubles the machine's capacity. Additionally the user-friendly conversational controls minimize the time spent programming, decreasing the set-up time for each job.

Plouse is able to manufacture a wide range of products including plastic, aluminum, Inconel and tool steel. As a single-source manufacturer, our CNC lathes are just one of the many capabilities that we provide. We deliver a wide range of turnkey solutions to meet nearly any manufacturing need for components and assemblies.

Live Tooling Capabilities

With our CNC lathes' live tooling, Plouse is able to increase the intricacy of components that can be manufactured.

This live tooling allows tools to cut off-center, perform milling operations, and create holes on a part's outer diameter, for example. Completing an entire job without changing the set-up is possible by utilizing these state-of-the-art lathes. This efficient use of time and materials is key to Plouses' ability to meet and exceed client expectations on product, cost and delivery time.

Our live tooling CNC lathes also provide:
  • Mirror-like Finishes
  • Minimal Programming Time
  • Off-center Feature Control
  • Face Cut Features
In addition to our CNC lathes, we provide services which include: CNC milling and turning, wire EDM and metal stamping (to name a few).